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Before bed  a couple nights ago I was on the receiving end of a really cool tweet from author Stephanie Lawton. She had “tagged” me. Apparently, that’s circulating around the blog-o-sphere (imagine an echo here) and I’m to pass it on. But the best part is the rules:

  1. Go to page 77 of your current MS.
  2. Go to line 7.
  3. Copy down the next 7 lines/sentences, and post them as they’re written. No cheating.
  4. Tag 7 other victims …er, authors.
With pleasure. Mwahaha—ahem. The following is an excerpt from the last WIP I worked on that had 77 pages to pull from (because the current one is at 30). It’s called Countdown and I’ve been featuring it during Six Sentence Sunday.

At first she’d assumed the monster was more animal like, seeking her through instinct and predatory modification, but now she could tell its torso wasn’t the only human thing. She was convinced that beneath its metal head, there was a human brain. It was too smart, purposefully blocking her off and pinning her down to a smaller and smaller area. And she was going right along with it, unable to think of how to escape it without running right into its mechanical clamps.

She tripped and banged her knee on the cobbles beneath her, scrambling to her feet in time to jump backwards out of reach of the monster. She kept moving backwards and found herself walking up the courthouse stairs. The huge, wooden double doors were never locked but they often got stuck and today was no exception.

And now for the new picks. Tag! You’re it.

1. Sarah W.

2. Zee Monodee

3. Dianne Hartsock

4. A.G. Carpenter

5. Sidney Williams

6. Angela Quarles

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