The time has come…ya know, to move.

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For some reason totally unbeknownst to me, when I thought about writing a good-bye post for this blog, I thought of the poem The Walrus and the Carpenter. Maybe my psyche is trying to tell me something about eating lesser things with clever words? Who knows? I’m stretching here, but the point is I’m done with this blog. We had a long run. Just had a look back at my very first post and it’s been over a year since I’ve started this thing and didn’t even notice it. OK, no need for big reflections or anything. It’s not like I’m going to stop blogging. I’m just moving. Here, specifically. But it’ll always be nice to look back. XD

Better Run

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Hi, and thanks for coming by for another Six Sentence Sunday, which is:

  • You pick six (6) sentences from anything you’ve written–a work in progress (wip), something under submission, something sold; something new, something old.
  • You sign up at the Six Sunday website Tuesday starting at 6PM EST.
  • You post it on Sunday (along with posting a link of! Such as I have below.
  • And then you enjoy.

So, today if you find my comment verification is too hard to fight with, don’t worry about it. I get that a lot lately. And I’ll be moving to another blog tomorrow. Ugh. Anyway, last week Lawson did away with the brass knuckles that had caused him so much trouble. Then, he set a wobbly Catherine against a building to catch her breath. And here’s what happens next.

He brushed her hair from her forehead, ignore the flush of warmth as he noticed what he was doing (and how pretty she really was).

She blinked bleary eyes at him and said, “What’s going on?”

“Can’t explain. Can you stand alright? Walk?”

She stood and rubbed her arm, brows furrowed. “Yeah.”

“Good. ‘Cause we better run.”

Next week, their actual escape! And on a different blog. Whee! Make sure to check out the other great Sixers here.

How to Feel

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Thanks for coming by for another #SFFSAT. Hopefully my linking is all good today. Quick post, as I’m spending some quality time with my word processor.  Little set-up, last snippet Adelyn, the possibility murderous android, told Jack here that she wanted to tell him everything. And the way she said it gave him a buzz. Spidey-senses? Or something a little less heroic?

Looking forward to everyone’s snippets!

“What is everything, Adelyn? Did you kill Dr. Bahun?” he whispered to her. He leaned in and so did she.

“I do not have the authorization to tell you,” she whispered. He slammed his hand down on the table and she didn’t even blink. “Getting upset will not improve the situation.”

“The day I let a damn droid tell me how to feel…”

But Jack was stopped mid-sentence as his captain’s voice filtered into the room. “Ramirez, come here.”

“I’m busy,” he snapped.

Next week, God willing, we’ll find out how his captain responds. :) Thanks for stopping by! And make sure you’re checking out the other wonderful snippets. You won’t regret it!

A Wilting Flower (#FridayPictureShow)

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#FridayPictureShow here again:

The #FridayPictureShow is a flash-fiction competition of exactly 100 words due Friday by 8PM EST. The flash-fiction is based off of a “picspiration” and is graciously  hosted by Jen DeSantis on her site

All  I have to say this week? Wish that I would see something different than an assassin when I see EVERYTHING.

“A Wilting Flower”

He stumbled out onto the terrace, sloshed his drink onto the cement, giggling. He stooped to try and figure out how to get the liquor back into his cup when he noticed her.

She was crouched among flowers, her face preoccupied.  She was beautiful. He teetered over to her. “What…what ya thinking?”

She looked up at him. “That it was too easy.”

“What was?”

“Killing you.”


“You’re so patterned. You go out. You get drunk. You need a breath of air. And here you are.” She stood, her hands behind her back now.


“Too late, curious cat.” Snikt.

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Red Monsters, Blue Eyes

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Jumping into another flash-ficton competition, as I’m still not quite satisfied from the last. ;) The Forbidden Love Blog Hop is a flash-fiction competition of less than 300 words that touches on nothing other than the Forbidden Love trope. What forbidden love is up to you, whether you want to cast your own Romeo and Juliet or…well, you get it. It’s hosted by Ruth Long, Lillie McFerrin and  Janelle.

Now, for my take on forbidden love. It’s kinda nuts. Hold on. :)


When the monsters flew across our village, I knew everything would burn.

I had never seen anything so big, or ever heard anything so loud. They rolled through the sky with a tail of explosions following in their wake.

I asked the Guardian where the monsters had come from and what color they were. I had never seen such a color.

He gave me this look that I’ve seen so many times and never understood. It’s like sadness, but sweet. I realized for the first time that it was pity.

“They’re not monsters, Ella. They’re planes. And they’re red.”


I could see the smoke from burning homes, and the light from the fires that brightened the night. The thunder of feet surrounded me. If caught, I’d surely be killed. I was the enemy in my own village.

When the Guardian told me to run, I did. I was not fast enough.

I got to the walls of our village untouched, but waiting there was death, crouched on top of our walls.


They kept some of us alive for moons. I was one of them.

One of our captors had blue eyes. I knew this color, but had never seen it in eyes. He was gentle. He smiled and gave me smiles.

Then, one day he offered his hand. “Come with me,” he said. “I’ll take you away.” I couldn’t leave my village. “They’ll kill you,” he pressed. I was ready. “I don’t want you to die.” What did that matter? “I love you.”

I took his hand.


He took me to the monster, the plane. He placed me in its belly and flew us away from my village. His comrades tried to burn him from the sky. But he had wings. And he shared them with me.

Visit Ruth’s Forbidden Blog Hop page to get a look at all the wonderful entries.

Dreams (Yuna concert re-cap)

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I believe I said that magic would happen at the Yuna show I attended a couple nights ago. Here’s the breaking news: I can tell the future. Because what I said came true.

Three times.

1. Magic happened. I stood not even five feet from Yuna. Her voice was crystal clear. The music’s base sent vibrations through my clothes, pulses through my chest. She was honest and demure and friendly.

2. She played “Lullabies.” I made a wish list before the show and she played my number one request. I don’t think it’s due to my plea, of course…well, one can dream. ;)

3. I met Yuna. She had a meet and greet right after the show. I bought a beautiful t-shirt–which she was surprised and flattered–a second copy of her CD (as we bought a copy the day of release). She autographed it and made it out to my husband and I. And then we took a picture. And she hugged me. And I fainted.

OK, I didn’t faint. But I was so happy I could’ve. It was, hands down, the most beautiful and thoroughly enjoyed concert experience I’ve ever had.

And I’m still floating.


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A quick and special Music Monday this week. Tonight I’m going to see Yuna. I never thought I’d get this opportunity, honestly. She doesn’t visit Atlanta often and I can’t just go flying wherever to see a concert (though I hope some day to have that power).

So, we’re taking a break from reviewing Silversun Pickups’ album Neck of the Woods and instead, here are my top three songs that I hope Yuna plays.

1. The second track I heard from her self titled, recent album “Lullabies,” which I featured for this Music Monday. I still love the song just as much as the first time I heard it and I know that in a small venue it would be phenomenal.

2. “Penakut” is one of her Malaysian songs and though I can only find rough translations, it’s still one of my favorite songs from her. It’s beautiful musically and how she sings it is stunning, even if I don’t understand lyrically. ;)

3. And “Stay,” a song about standing up for yourself when a man thinks you’ll take anything. I’ve never heard anything so aggressive from Yuna and though the music is still soft, her demands are not. And I love that.